minimaarca | ミニマアルカ

about minima arca


Minima arca means small box in Latin.
Every day,
there is something small new in life with babies.
A playful spirit that makes you giggle,
excitement that makes your everyday life just a little more vivid.
We put these thoughts into this "small box".



Be simple,
be heart-warming and be playful.
Our clothes can make you feel a little 'happy'.

Designers are drawing illustrations with such feelings.
To express the warmth of the design,
craftsmen dye each color by hand using a technique called ‘Tenassenn’.
The delicate expressions and depth of color that cannot be achieved with digital printing are one of the feature.
In order to express the baby's cute body shape,
our clothes are moderately fitting.
Minima arca design is composed of such ‘enjoy with babies’ thoughts.


What we value is the softness and comfort of the material.
For babies having sensitive skin,
our clothes are made of soft and stretchy cotton to provide outstanding comfort and easy moving.
All products can be easily cared for at home.


Based on ideas of the staff raising babies,
our products are not only designed but also practical.
The stretchy fabric and snap buttons make it easy to change clothes.
The size adjustable design allows you to enjoy it for a long time with one item.
We would like to provide clothes that babies can feel free to wear in daily lives.


Our products are manufactured in a sanitary controlled factory specialized in baby clothes and all products made in Japan.
Currently, more than 97% of the apparel products are manufactured overseas.
We are proud of our products all made in Japan having nice touch, comfort and safety.
We will proudly provide assured quality to you.